Health Insurance

Our health insurance takes care of your client's medical bills and provides them with faster medical care that suits their needs. It's available to children from birth, and there's no underwriting required within their first three months of life.

Our health insurance options

We have two comprehensive options that look after your clients from head to toe.

AIA Private Health

Takes care of the medical costs for big things like diagnostic testing, cancer treatment and surgeries. And your clients can choose their medical providers.

AIA Private Health Plus

As an optional benefit, your clients can upgrade their Private Health insurance to include additional cover for specialist consultations and tests, reproductive health, and a health screening allowance.

Key benefits for your clients

  • Unlimited Surgery Claims

    Unlimited claim amount for surgeries, both cancer and non-cancer related

  • Extensive Cancer Cover

    Includes up to $500,000 of extensive cancer cover for every stage: from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery

  • Diagnostic testing

    Provides up to $200,000 for diagnostic imaging and testing

  • Flexibility

    Ability to choose their medical providers

  • Worldwide Treatment

    There are options to have treatments overseas

  • Public Hospital Credit

    Your client can receive a year's free cover if they have a publically funded procedure done in a public hospital

  • Mental Health Support

    Covers costs (up to $2,500 including GST per policy year) for counselling related to a surgery or cancer claim

  • AIA Vitality

    Access to AIA Vitality, our scientifically-backed health and wellbeing program

  • Future Proof Products

    Access to our Enhancement Pass Back Benefit. This means changes we make to our AIA Living products in the future are automatically passed back to your clients, offering them even more at claim time

Health Insurance

At a glance

Please note the following tables are a guide only. Please refer to our brochures and policy wordings for further information.
Waiver of Premium


Eligible Ages Minimum


Eligible Ages Maximum

No expiry

Term of Cover / Benefit Expiry

No expiry

New premium guarantee

1 year

Premium Type

Community rating: 0 to 20

Rate for age 21 - 70

Community rating 71+

Excess Options

Nil, $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $2,000, $4,000

Private Health Plus Excess Options

Nil, $250

The information on this page is provided as a sales support tool to be used in conjunction with the appropriate policy wording.