AIAHub is our digital hub for advisers, designed to empower and transform the way you do business with us

AIAHub gives you access to innovative digital tools; allowing you and your clients to experience end to end digital quoting, application and underwriting - all with one simple login. In AIAHub you'll find:

  1. Quote Builder: A smart quoting tool that provides indicative cover options for your clients.
  2. eApp: An electronic application tool that enables your clients to be covered faster and more efficiently
  3. Pipeline: 24/7 visibility of your sales pipeline in real time
  4. Pre-assessment: Instant underwriting indications for over 4,000 medical conditions
  5. Help and support: Useful resources and support tools at your fingertips

Quote Builder - Simply smarter quoting

Quote Builder is our state-of-the-art quoting tool that provides indicative cover options for your clients. It lets you build cover options and insurance plans for whole families or groups in a single digital workspace.

Benefits for you and your clients:

  • Build and create a cover plan with Life, Health and Business policy options in one single quote

  • Helps you to present complex information in a clear and concise way, allowing you to have better quality conversations with your clients

  • Allows you to provide tailor made recommendations that best suit your client's needs

eApp - Designed to simplify the application process

eApp is an electronic application tool with an automated underwriting engine designed to simplify and enhance the adviser-client experience and decision making process. It has the ability to provide decisions on screen and prompt additional information if required. If no further assessment is needed, the policy can be issued and accepted. This saves you and your clients time, reduces paperwork and follow up procedures.

Benefits for you and your clients:

  • Convert your quote into an online application

  • Provides reflexive questioning to prompt more information up front

  • Some clients can be offered instant cover and have their policy issued immediately

  • Allows you to attach information before you submit an online application