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Work with us to inspire healthier, longer, better relationships

AIA's vision is to help make New Zealand one of the healthiest and most protected nations in the world. With big dreams and through small changes, together we can help your clients find their version of 'healthy'.

We have a strong and competitive market offering designed for New Zealanders. We'll support your clients during claim time and help them continue their wellbeing journey. We provide rehabilitation support, nationwide customer visits, have a broad network of healthcare partners across New Zealand, and we offer AIA Vitality our scientifically backed health and wellbeing program.

Enjoy an enhanced digital experience enabling online quoting and application, pipeline visibility and pre-assessment capabilities. Use our seamless online quoting and pre-assessment platforms to minimise repetitive tasks that distract you from having successful sales conversations with your clients. You can do your business knowing we're continually working towards building a healthier, longer, better relationship with you.

Largest life insurer in the world

AIA Group is the largest life insurer in the world*. In New Zealand, we protect more than half a million** Kiwis and their families, with insurance products tailored specifically to the New Zealand lifestyle. Our position empowers us to change the landscape of the insurance industry for the better and we want your clients to feel inspired to follow their health journey. The AIA Group has been around for a century and has a legacy in delivering good outcomes for your clients - not just someday, but every day.

*AIA Group is the world's largest life insurer company by market capitalisation. Source: Bloomberg 17 June 2019. **Lives assured for retail and group schemes 9 July 2019.

Future proof products

AIA supports the lives of our customers in their hour of need, and throughout their journey to living their version of healthy.

As the insurance and medical industries change and treatments advance, so too do our products. Our Enhancement Pass Back Benefit is our commitment to customers to keep our insurance relevant. Changes we make to our AIA Living products in the future are automatically passed back to you, offering you even more at claim time.

Rewarding better lifestyle choices with AIA Vitality

We're committed to helping Kiwis live healthier, longer, better lives. That's why we offer your clients AIA Vitality in New Zealand.

AIA Vitality's approach will take your clients on a journey to better health - where they get to know their health, improve it and enjoy the rewards for doing so.

AIA Vitality members earn AIA Vitality points through a number of health and fitness related activities. These can include health and nutrition assessments, along with physical activity targets. As a new member, your clients will start on Bronze Status and work their way up by completing health related activities. The more points they earn the higher the status and the bigger the rewards.

Enhancing your experience

We are dedicated to providing you with the best resources to grow your business and develop healthier, longer, better relationships with your clients. We're delivering this through world class tools that makes doing business with us easier and more transparent including AIAHub.

Our pre-assessment tool provides you with access to instant underwriting indications for over 4,000 medical conditions, while the Pipeline Tool gives you 24/7 visibility of your sales pipeline in real time. Quote Builder provides indicative cover options for your clients, allowing you to build different insurance plans all in one single digital workplace.

Our adviser focused service team ensures you have all the service support needed during key business hours, while our experienced team are available to help in your everyday insurance conversations.